Audrey Campbell

Audrey Campbell has taught piano at Keynotes school of Music for 8 years. After graduating from the Royal Conservatory with an ARCT in piano performance, she pursued a post-secondary education with the University of Toronto, where she graduated with a bachelor of music with honours and a bachelor of education. Audrey is a certified teacher who teaches a variety of levels (beginner to advanced). During the summer of 2015, Audrey participated in RomeSmarts, a program where she studied piano performance in Rome with esteemed professors Boyanna Toyich and Mia Bach. She worked with concert pianist Orazio Maione during masterclasses in preparation for the concerts that were held during her time there. Audrey is excited to share her experiences with her students while inspiring them to expand their appreciation for music. She continues to create spaces for students where they can explore and develop their musicality while also building their technique. Audrey strongly believes that every child has the right to a music education that supports their needs.

At Keynotes, students learn to appreciate and enjoy the music with a focus on good technique as opposed to just rushing through completing RCM exams. Added to that, we have always appreciated Kathy’s efforts to accommodate scheduling needs and teaching preferences for both our boys. Our older son began learning piano at Keynotes when he was 7. Still at Keynotes at 18, he is working towards his Grade 9 RCM while at the same time preparing to teach piano. His younger brother is following along the same path. Kathy placed each of our sons with a teacher who suited his personality, and making the learning experience more enjoyable.

We recommend Keynotes to anyone who would like to learn and enjoy playing music.

Gracy and Lester Moniz / parents

Keynotes School of Music has been a great place for both our boys. Keynotes has exceptional teachers that take a lot of time & dedication to show what it is to have a love for music. Our boys look forward to many more years of learning at your school. We are so proud to be part of the Keynotes School of Music family and would highly recommend students to come out and learn here.

Fiona Lobo / parent

My daughter has always had an ear for music but until she was 10 years old we did not have an opportunity to fit piano lessons into our busy schedule. When I found Keynotes School of Music, I was so delighted that owner Kathy Vykysaly carefully considered my daughter's personality and learning style and she was matched with the teacher who was just right for her. Almost three years later, my daughter is now working on her Grade 3 RCM level and has won awards for her previous high scores. Even better from my perspective is the lovely music that fills our house whenever my daughter plays. We are very happy with Keynotes and the supportive and responsive staff.

The Thompson Family / parents