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Everyone loves to sing! KEYNOTES program of individual private lessons for students from 5 to 85 helps to develop that beautiful instrument we call the “voice”.

  • Our lessons focus on breathing exercises to maximize projection and articulation, strengthen the diaphragm and improve the strength and power of each student’s natural voice.
  • KEYNOTES teachers are Royal Conservatory qualified and are excellent in motivating and bringing out the natural potential of each student.
  • All of KEYNOTES teachers also play the piano and are able to accompany their students in their vocal studies. Most of KEYNOTES vocal students also study piano with us so as to improve their note reading, musical knowledge, and to learn to accompany themselves when they sing.
  • KEYNOTES encourages all our students to find their own musical style and we can focus on modern/contemporary, classical, folk, gospel, or any type of music you chose.
  • Many of our students have achieved high levels at the Royal Conservatory of Music and obtained First Class Honours!
  • Here at KEYNOTES we have many “in house” pianists who are available to accompany our vocal students at competitions and R.C.M. exams.

Whether you are a beginner or have extensive singing experience our teachers can help improve and strengthen your voice.

Singing is good for the soul and makes us happy! Allow KEYNOTES to bring out the best in your vocal potential and soon you’ll be singing like a pro.

 For information regarding fees or scheduling please contact the studio

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