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  • KEYNOTES offers private lessons in contemporary music as well as the classical repertoire provided by the internationally recognized Royal Conservatory of Music. Our teachers focus on proper note reading, posture, and excellent piano technique: skills that are necessary for progress through the levels.
  • At KEYNOTES we teach only on pianos. Electric keyboards do not provide enough resistance for finger strength development nor do they allow the student to develop proper dynamic expression.
  • Over the past 32 years KEYNOTES award winning teaching staff has used positive re-enforcement to inspire and motivate our students to achieve scholarships and hundreds of awards at the Peel Music Festival, Provincial and National Competitions; as well as First Class Honours at the R.C.M. examinations.
  • We recommend not starting private lessons before the age of 6 because of the cognitive abilities and attentional skills required. Any students younger than this could be overwhelmed or frustrated due to their inability to pay attention for extended periods of time and would need a great deal of parental support at home in order to practice. Once the student reaches the age of 6 he/she is able to be much more self-directed, understands musical concepts much more quickly, and his/her piano skills progress at a much faster pace.

KEYNOTES has also prepared many students for auditions to Cawthra Park Arts School as well as auditions for Universities which enabled our students to pursue degrees in music at a post secondary school level.

For information regarding fees or scheduling please contact the studio.