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  • KEYNOTES offers private, one-on-one, weekly lessons in modern or classical flute. Our lessons are designed to help each student develop proper breathing and fingering techniques in order to achieve a beautiful tone and fluid playing.
  • We recommend students start playing the flute no younger than the age of 10 due to the size of the instrument and the finger dexterity and breathing skills involved.
  • Each private lesson focuses on proper note reading, as well as theory in order to understand musical logic, proper posture, tongueing, phrasing, technical skills, and breath development.
  • We allow each student to explore different types of music, whether it is modern or the classical style.
  • The senior flute instructor at KEYNOTES, Ms. Kathy Vykysaly has taught flute for over 25 years and has had the pleasure of working with many award winning floutists.
  • KEYNOTES encourages all flute students to study the internationally recognized Royal Conservatory of Music repertoire in order to prepare for formal examinations. Many past and current students have won First Place at the annual Peel Music Festival and achieved First Class Honours with Distinction on their R.C.M. exams!

KEYNOTES has many piano professionals “in house” to provide accompaniment for all our floutists for their competitions or exams.

For the beginner student we can provide advice on the type of flute to buy and will walk each family through the process on how to begin.

Many of KEYNOTES past students have attended, or currently attend Cawthra Park Arts School, and have played in multiple orchestras.

For information regarding fees or scheduling please contact the studio

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